The Quantonomic

In his book “Predictive Analytics”, Eric Siegel asks: “Do you have the heart of a scientist or a businessperson? Do you feel more excited by the very idea of prediction, or by the value it holds for the world?”

My hearty response is: “Both”.

My name is Christian Theel. I make, and help make, data-driven business decisions by employing quantitative methods to improve business performance – lately primarily in pricing / revenue management.

I feel at home in Analytics, Data science and IT projects with a strong business focus, ideally in pricing and revenue management. I am interested in driving productivity, revenue and profit by employing IT and analytics.

Keywords: business analytics, data science, pricing / revenue management / monetization, process optimization, business and IT project management, market research, automation, requirements management, managing people and delivering solutions in very agile environments

Industries I worked with or in: science, consulting, financial services, online social networks, airlines , e-commerce / online retail / flash sale business / online shopping clubs

I have a diploma in business administration with a focus on quantitative analysis.

I am very passionate about my work. However, I learned to balance my professional aspirations with a rich and focused private life. I spend as much as possible time with my girlfriend, my kids, friends and family as well as doing calisthenics. And if there is still time left I enjoy the rare occasions of just being on my own.

If you’d like to work with me or exchange ideas and discuss analytical business topics please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via LinkedIn or Xing or just drop me an email at christian.theel (at) in English or German.